Every homeowner with a pet has confronted fresh “accidents” on the floor or has come home to clawed couch arms. We know that home and pet ownership are often at odds.

It’s an art form to keep your home tidy while living with a furry roommate. But there’s more at stake for pet owners than protecting property. Our homes need to be comfortable and safe for our pets too. 

Today’s smart home gadgets let pet owners automate tasks and control conditions even if we’re not at home. These connected devices provide automation and monitoring that can help us keep our pets safe and happy

Here are seven of the best smart home gadgets you can get for your pet’s security.

1. Smart Sensors

You can set up smart home sensors to alert you if your pet continues to get into areas they shouldn’t or in case of an emergency, like a water or carbon monoxide leak. If there are breaches while you’re not at home, these sensors will alert you via a mobile app

Door sensors help you protect your pets from accidental poisonings from antifreeze stored in garages or cleaning products under cabinets. When connected to other smart devices, door sensors can turn on lights, trigger alarms, or send a video feed to your smartphone. 

Sensors on exterior doors, garage doors, and windows can message you when they’re left openhelping cut down on pet escapes.

2. Smart Thermostats

Extreme hot and cold temps are always a concern for pet owners. Hot homes are as dangerous as hot cars. 

A broken heater or failed HVAC unit could cause internal temps to raise or lower to dangerous levels. And, your pet is at risk if you’re not home.

With a smart thermostat, you can check temps anywhere at any time. And if temps reach extremes, the app texts or emails an alert so you can take immediate action. You can also connect the thermostat to a smart outlet that turns on a fan or heater for extra protection. 

Smart Cameras

3. Smart Cameras

Today’s smart cameras come as easy-to-install standalone models or as part of an entire smart home security system. Both types record HD video and connect to the internet via WiFi. The cameras send a live video feed to your mobile device so you can monitor in real time. 

Some outdoor camera models come standard with motion detection features. These watchful digital eyes will begin recording or transmitting video when your pet enters an area or passes by the camera. Motion detection is an effective way to watch off-limit areas, record escape attempts, or simply admire your beloved pet while at work. 

Some smart camera models also have a night vision feature for recording in low-light or complete darkness. If you’re out for a date night, you can check your pet’s activity without leaving every light turned on.

4. Smart Collars

Smart collars come with GPS location features that help you find your pet if they’re stolen or lost. Most models come with “active tracking” technology that works via a mobile app. 

The collar transmits a satellite signal to your mobile device to reveal your pet’s movements in real time. You can also create “digital safe zones” around your home. If your dog goes beyond these invisible barriers, the smart collar will send you an alert. 

Some models also come fashioned with LED lights you can turn on and off. These are invaluable for nighttime searches around the neighborhood. And some collars even let you record your pet’s medical records within the app. 

The cons: smart collars are pricey depending on the features and require a monthly subscription.

5. Smart Smoke Detectors

Aside from announcing the presence of fire and toxic smoke, smart smoke and CO2 detectors warn you of invisible dangers to your pet. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless killer, especially to sensitive pets like birds. 

Smart detectors alert you to these dangers, whether you’re at home or at work. Some smart detectors can detect pollen, dust, or pollution. So, if your pet has allergies, these detectors can alert you before dangerous reactions or symptoms kick in.

Smart Speakers

6. Smart Speakers

Millions of homeowners use smart home speakers to find recipes, play music, or control other smart devices. But these gadgets can also benefit your pets. 

Smart speakers are programmable, voice-activated, and remote controllable. If your pet has separation anxiety or fears thunderstorms, you can program a smart speaker to play calming music

If you’re away from home, turn the speaker into a two-way intercom system that lets your pet hear your reassuring voice. You can even pre-program songs or your own voice commands to play during specific events. 

By pairing your smart speaker with a motion detector, you can play a voice command (e.g., “Spike, no!”) when your pet approaches a dangerous area. Or you could program a reassuring message (e.g., “Good boy!) to play at daily intervals to calm your pet.

7. Smart Water Sprinklers

These smart home watering systems connect to the internet and monitor the weather forecast to deliver the right amount of moisture to keep your lawn green. Smart sprinklers save you money by cutting down on water waste, but they can also help protect outside pets during hot summer months. 

Scorching summer temperatures with an empty water bowl put outside pets in jeopardy, especially if your home has little available shade. Use smart sprinklers to give your backyard pets a refreshing shower while you’re away from home.

Smart gadgets like these are changing our relationships with our pets. With remote controls and automation, the distinction between when we’re at home and when we’re away is disappearing.

Automated voice commands and live video feeds make sure we’re there for our pets when they need a watchful eye or emotional reassurance. That extra level of happiness for our pet means we’re happier too.

Author: Morgen Henderson