Kids’ rooms are often covered in toys, clothes, stuffed animals, and books. This clutter is enough to drive parents crazy, but fortunately, there are simple solutions that can save space and minimize messes in every kid’s room. Here are the top 7 kid’s room design ideas.

It doesn’t matter how small the room is—or how many toys your child has—these design ideas can completely transform your child’s space:

1. Take Advantage of Built-Ins

Is your child’s room designed with a built-in? Don’t let this space go to waste. If it’s large enough, place your child’s bed within the built-in to create a cozy sleeping environment.

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in a child’s room, so placing it inside a built-in is a great way to maximize your child’s living space.

2. Mount Bookshelves on the Wall

If your child is an avid reader, it’s important to create plenty of storage space for his or her books.

In small spaces, think vertically. Mounting bookshelves on the wall is one of the best kid’s room design ideas to save space. This allows the books to be on display instead of scattered on your kid’s floor.

3. Store Toys in Cubbies

Cubbies are perfect for kids’ rooms because they provide a great deal of storage space for toys and books.

Cubbies are not designed with cabinets or drawers, which means the items that are stored inside will be visible. Minimize the mess by placing wicker baskets inside each of the cubbies.

Store your child’s belongings inside these baskets to hide what’s inside so you don’t have to worry about everything looking neat and orderly.  

4. Use Extra Closet Space

Kids usually will not fill all of the space inside their closets with clothes, so use the extra space for additional storage. Place a small bookcase inside the closet to store toys, books, puzzles, and other belongings.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that maximizing the space in the closet can create more positive energy. Not only is this a smart way to store a lot of your child’s belongings, but it could bring you good vibes as well.

5. Create Under-the-Bed Storage

Don’t let your children create clutter under their beds. Keep this area neat and tidy with drawers or storage bins.

Kids can store winter clothing, board games, building blocks, or other toys within these bins so they are always within reach.

A kid’s bed with built-in storage space

6. Choose Furniture Pieces Wisely

It’s important to choose furniture pieces wisely in small spaces—especially when it’s a kid’s room. Look for pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. 

For example, choose a dresser that has drawers on the bottom for clothes and a hutch on the top to display trophies or toys. If you need a table for your child’s room, buy nesting tables so they won’t take up much space or find a table with storage space hidden underneath.

This will maximize the space your child has in his or her room and minimize the clutter left out on the floor.

7. Hang A Peg Board

Create a little more storage space by securing a peg board on the wall in your child’s room. Then, pin storage caddies in various sizes on the peg board. Use these caddies to store small items that would otherwise end up on the floor, such as hair accessories, dolls, or other lightweight items.

Be sure to choose a colorful peg board that complements the rest of the room and puts a smile on your child’s face!

Create A Cool and Clutter-Free Bedroom For Your Child

These ideas prove that it’s possible to create a cool and clutter-free bedroom for your child even if the room is on the smaller side. Look through these ideas with your child so you can plan on how to transform his or her room together. Don’t stop at just your child’s room, though—you can transform your entire home with these DIY projects. Make it a family affair by getting everyone involved in making these creative changes in your child’s room and throughout your home!


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