Cleaning is the most tedious chore in our homes. It is almost like a full time job and a full body workout wrapped up into one never-ending task. Dust and dirt collect, laundry and dishes pile up, and none of them stop, making them repetitive, time consuming chores. Coupled with the fact that most of us work and don’t want to come home and clean on top of it, cleaning is a task dreaded by many. If only there were faster, easier ways to clean…

There is! The following tips and tricks can turn your cleaning chores into quick and easy tasks that won’t take up all your time and energy. Read on for some of the best hacks to clean your home!

Lemon is Lovely

Ever notice that the smell of citrus gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness? That is because citrus fruits have acids in them that break down dirt and even soap scum. Lemons are the most commonly used and there are many things you can do with them. Clean counters and furniture with homemade mixtures using lemon juice, or use cut pieces with some baking soda to freshen up foul odors. You can even use them in the bathroom to make your faucets shiny!

Lemon is Lovely

New Uses for Old Clothing

A frequent recommendation is to use pillowcases to clean the blades of a ceiling fan, trapping the dust in the pillowcase rather than spreading it all over the room. Old clothing can be handy for all sorts of cleaning chores. Your mom may have used outgrown shirts or undergarments to polish the furniture, and there are many more cleaning tasks that can put your worn out clothing to good use. Fluffy socks can become mop heads for your jet mop, or can clean your blinds and polish your silver.

Dryer Sheet Dusting

Dryer sheets, both new and used, can help you accomplish a variety of tasks around the house, and even outside. Dusting is a cinch with them, especially walls and baseboards. They are also good for metal surfaces, such as faucets, sinks, and fixtures. They are great for the bathroom, because they can be used on the toilet (inside and out!) and the bathtub or shower. One of the best-kept secrets about dryer sheets is if you carry one in your pocket when you go outside at night, the scent keeps mosquitoes away.

Dryer Sheet Dusting

Check Your Pantry

There are numerous cleaning agents in your cooking supplies. Baking soda and vinegar can both be found in a lot of do it yourself cleaning fluids, sometimes together. These can be used to clean countertops and bathrooms. Olive oil can be used to polish furniture and leave it shiny for months. Some products can be put to many uses, such as borax, which can be used for cleaning clothing or scrubbing mildew, among other things.

Putting It All Together

How does any of this save the time and tedium of cleaning, though? All of these tricks clean more efficiently, taking out a lot of the scrubbing and hard work. Since they break up grease and mold quickly or attract dust and debris almost magnetically, they are like shortcuts to complete the cleaning chores faster. They also provide natural protections against the things that make a home dirty, so minimal maintenance will keep your home sparkling and smelling great. Often you can do the smaller things in a few minutes – the kitchen tasks while waiting for food or coffee to be heated, or the bathroom chores after washing hands. Smaller efforts like these add up to a clean home all the time without tiring you out or taking up all your time!

Using the right cleaning agents and doing the smaller chores often are the two best hacks to save time and energy cleaning your home. The whole house will look clean and smell fresh, a feeling that will echo in your mood. Try these tricks today, and make cleaning a chore you actually look forward to!