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Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Historic District has many craft style homes. The neighborhood and famous inn were built by Edwin Wiley Grove the producer of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic a cure for Malaria that was a household staple after the civil war.  Grove came to Asheville with his fortune and bought 400 acres in the north of the city. He worked on building the neighborhood before starting on his grand hotel on Sunset Mountain now known as the Grove Park Inn.  The inn became a destination for entrepreneurs like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and artists like F. Scott Fitgerald.  Today, President Obama stays at the Grove Park Inn when he visits Asheville.  The charm and beauty of the real estate is in part due to the style of the inn itself and truly captures the imagination.

“Because it’s made of the native stone and its other elements, it speaks to a mountain aesthetic that people really love,” Asheville architect Jane Mathews said, noting the inn’s Arts and Crafts design, a movement that stood for traditional craftsmanship from the mid-1800s to early 1900s. From its Roycroft furniture and copper fixtures, to its granite walls and curving tiled roof, the inn reflects a design that’s become synonymous with the mountains.  The surrounding neighborhood maintains the air of the bygone era. Many of the homes have been upgraded with modern amenities.  If you are looking for a home with character that is quintessential Asheville the Grove Park Historic District could be right for you.


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